"Anywhere Explored" Facebook Live Event

To showcase the strength of U.S. Cellular's coverage in the "Middle of Anywhere," we launched this Facebook Live event right from the back of a rocketing dog sled.
U.S. Cellular "Anywhere Explored" Highlight Reel
We streamed this Facebook Live footage through Wirecast to give viewers a multiple-camera dog sled experience straight from the deep woods of Maine. You can watch the event right here on Facebook.

"Anywhere Tested" Facebook Campaign

Sure, any shiny new tech gadget can perform perfectly inside the climate- controlled Las Vegas exhibition halls of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

But U.S. Cellular prides itself on providing its customers with coverage in the "Middle of Anywhere." So, we took three of the latest and greatest new tech breakthroughs featured at this year's CES, and brought them to the wilds of Black Butte, Oregon to see how they would perform under actual "Middle of Anywhere" conditions.

And just to make it more of a challenge, we brought together a drone, a tiki bar, and a falcon named "Goose" to create the ultimate proving ground.
Falcon :15 Teaser
Falcon :90
Tiki Bar :15 Teaser
Tiki Bar :90
Drone :15 Teaser
Drone :90

"All For You" – Customer Loyalty Program

We worked with the Pepsi, Frito-Lay, and Quaker divisions of PepsiCo to test launch a loyalty program called "All For You."

The program bundled drinks and snacks together through promotions and recipes, focusing on the usage occasions during which these pairings would make the most sense from both a nutrition and overall yumminess standpoint.

"The Better Way" - Social Campaign

Ernst and Young competes against Google, Apple, and other top global companies to recruit the very best and brightest college students into its internship programs.

To show prospective college students a "day in the life" of an EY intern, we created this video filled with practical "life hacks" that show the "better ways" in which EY interns are working to build a better working world.
The Better Way - Anthem Video

"The Better Way" Life Hack Videos

We followed this anthem video with a series of :15 videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that showed how even the most everyday situations can be improved through a "better way."
Life Hack V1
Life Hack V2
Life Hack V3

"Truth in Numbers" infographics

In addition, to attract the country's top Accounting majors to Ernst & Young, we partnered with current EY interns to create these "Truth in Numbers" infographics to show how EY digs deeper to find the real stories behind the numbers.

Bose Social Campaigns

Bose became the official NFL sideline headphone in 2014. We developed a wealth of social executions designed to leverage this sponsorship in ways that would truly connect with rabid NFL fans.

We created a social campaign comprised of Facebook posts, Tweets, and GIFs to tap into the excitement of the NFL through the power and precision of Bose audio.
When Kansas City Chiefs fans were poised to break the world record for the loudest crowd in NFL history, we made sure to tweet out our encouragement.
We created this GIF to highlight a big game between the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears. The match-up featured two Team Bose players, Luke Kuechly and Alshon Jeffery.

ADIZERO Camouflage Football Cleat

When Adidas introduced its ADIZERO Camouflage Football Cleat, we created a shareable video that let everybody know exactly what to look for.

$150 MM Future Edge Initiative

Our March 2015 launch of Capital One's $150 MM Future Edge initiative began with a digital skills scholarship partnership with General Assembly in downtown Manhattan.

View the infographic

Not only were representatives from the White House in attendance that day, but President Obama took time to compliment the program later that week.
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